Come Together

Come Together Concrete
In Come Together Concrete we continue what we started in the previous project (see below). Come Together Concrete work for and with people with intellectual disabilities. our aim is to increase the knowledge concerning special education, develop brave and innovative communication and crush prejudices.

Come Together
The project Come Together takes on the challenge of securing all children’s access to education and focus on a group where only few in the world have the opportunity to attend school; children with disabilities, especially children with intellectual disabilities. We want to contribute to a society where everyone can use their abilities, a society where all of us meet and take part. An important aspect of and prerequisite for this is education for everyone.

Come Together brings together people and organizations from three countries – Tanzania, Rwanda and Sweden with the purpose of together make persons with disabilities visible and work for the right to education. In Sweden we have already reached a bit along the way towards education for everyone, but we still have much to learn from each other when it comes to equal opportunities.

Come Together is funded by the Swedish Postcode Lottery and is run by Swedish National Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (FUB) together with Eriksdevelopment – a child rights organization working in 24 countries. In Rwanda Collectif Tubakunde (“Love them”) is pioneering work for children and youth with intellectual disabilities. In Tanzania our main partner is YDCP Tanga (Youth with Disabilities Community Program) who has reached far, from a low baseline, when it comes to home based care and inclusive education. From the grass-roots and all the way up we aim to change people’s attitudes and to influence politicians.

The impetus behind the project is the Millennium Development Goal #2 – that of the right of all children to attend primary school. The Millennium Development Goal’s objective is that all children should be in school by 2015. Huge steps have been taken towards this, but we are still lagging far behind when it comes to children with disabilities, since only one in ten of this group currently attends school. The ultimate goal of Come Together is to enable as many children with disabilities as possible and, especially, intellectual disabilities to attend school. At its core Come Together is the facilitation of change through communication and inclusive cultural activities, especially through the universal language of music and the children’s own participation.

In Come Together we work with musicians with and without disabilities from all over the world and we will also travel to East Africa together with a group of young persons with intellectual disabilities from Sweden. We believe in the power of people getting together and in music as a common language and means of communication. A documentary will be produced, telling the story of shared creativity and hardships.