månadsarkiv: juni 2016

Youth cooperation within Come Together highlighted in the UN!

The Come Together project has been running for almost three years now! One of your great achievements have been the space that our youth ambassadors have taken for themselves. They have really showed us and everyone they have met that they are the real stars of the project. A lot on this blog have been their own reporting on their experiences and whereabouts in the project. For the future cooperation we plan for more contact between the youth from Sweden, Tanzania and Rwanda, and also for ways of expressing ourselves together. It would be great if we could use internet more for frequent contact.

We often here nowadays that the new mobile connection and Internet access have caused somewhat of a revolution in East Africa and other developing countries. When we had our Action Week in Dar es Salaam we wanted to tell the world about our accomplishments and great time together. But we couldn’t since there never where enough internet speed. One byte is more than no byte, but there is a great need of fast and reliable and affordable internet access for everyone.

Today a short film clip about your youth cooperation and possibilities for more contact with better Internet access will be shown at a side-event held at the UN in New York. The Convention of rights for persons with disabilities celebrate the 10th anniversary and the state parties who have signed meet. The event will be streamed and afterwards published at https://webtv.un.org/